NISMA Instructors

NISMA Team of Instructors
₦195,000 ₦250,000

Corporate Social Media Management

This course is to teach participants how to create and effectively implement social media strategies...
₦195,000 ₦250,000

Digital Entrepreneurship

The course is designed to equip individuals, especially graduate students to start and manage digital...
₦195,000 ₦250,000

Cybersecurity Management

The course is design to provide participants with the fundamental knowledge of cybersecurity principles and...
₦195,000 ₦250,000

Data Analysis

This program is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and practical skills in data...
₦50,000 ₦75,000

Social Media Journalism

This short course program is designed to equip participants with modern journalism skills, also provide...
₦50,000 ₦75,000

Digital Security Communication

This certificate program is to equip participants with the ability to effectively complex cybersecurity issues...